Dance/Movement Therapy

Since the beginning of time humans have used movement to help express and meet their needs. Of all the arts, dance is the most fundamental; it involves a direct expression of self through the body.

When our thoughts are aligned with our body, we experience an effortless flow of expression. Conversely, when we experience incongruity between the mind and body, internal conflicts like emotional pain and malaise are inevitable. Left untreated, these symptoms can escalate into chronic issues like depression, anxiety, stress, physical pain, feelings of emptiness, fear, and a variety of other conditions.

For example, think back to a time when you were upset or angry with someone, and you didn’t share your feelings with that person. You may have experienced a stomach ache or headache, or found yourself constantly thinking about the situation. That was your body saying, “Pay attention to this, do something!”, yet you may not have made the connection between the two. “Listening” to your body’s messages allows you to discover the truth that lives within. Your body has a wealth of information and can serve as an invaluable resource that you will learn to utilize to your advantage.

Dance/Movement Therapy addresses the above symptoms and conditions through traditional counseling techniques combined with body awareness, movement, and dance. To strengthen the connection between body and mind we’ll begin with breathing and grounding exercises. As you become more comfortable with your body in motion, other movement options are explored. Later, to support further elimination of symptoms, the freedom of dance is introduced, serving as a way to increase self-esteem and confidence, and improve body image.

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