Treatment Philosophy

Mind Body Connections counselors all use creativity within their treatment modalities. Creativity is not only about producing art, making music, telling stories, or exploring movement. It’s also about discovering resources and alternative pathways when things are not working. Maybe you’ve felt blocked or unable to get past issues, despite attempting again and again. Together we will find new, effective angles—using creativity and self-expression—to increase your awareness, overcome challenges, and empower you.  

Mind Body Connections counselors also understand that individuals who seek services have unique needs. Therefore you will receive an individualized treatment plan focused on your concerns, symptoms, and goals. Depending on what you hope to gain from your course of treatment, will guide us towards the use of particular theories and techniques within each session. We understand that you are part of a larger familial/cultural system, which is factored into your treatment plan to best address your health and well-being.

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