Workshops, Lectures & Presentations

Following are examples of workshops and presentations that I have coordinated and led; I can also create new workshops geared to meet your specific needs.

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) In-service

For groups, associations, or worksites interested in bringing the benefits of DMT to its members or employees. In-service programs can be customized to fit any population.

Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy

For social work and/or counseling students interested in learning more about this modality of “Creative Arts Therapy”.

Stress Reduction Experiential Workshop

For worksites invested in a “well” workforce. This workshop teaches stress reduction techniques that support an optimal level of functioning, in turn reducing employee sick days.

Emotional Regulation/Anger Management Workshops

For clients and therapists alike, learn how to manage difficult and uncomfortable feelings by incorporating the wisdom of the body.

Bring the Body into the Room

For clinicians only. In this experiential workshop you will learn the basics of drawing on the wisdom of the body to support client sessions.

Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

For dancers, dance instructors, choreographers, actors, directors, pilates instructors, and yoga instructors interested in learning the fundamentals of movement analysis.

Mean What You Say Lecture/Discussion

For life coaches: Learn how to physically represent the words you use during a presentation or in-person client interaction.

For doctoral candidates: Learn how to comfortably yet authoritatively defend your dissertation.

Movement Choirs

Want to bring a large group of people together to explore a particular theme, getting moving and have fun? A movement choir for lay-persons may be a great way to bridge those non-verbal gaps. Great as an opening to a conference/seminar.

Get in Touch

I’m happy to create new workshops geared specifically to your needs. Contact us to discuss the interests and needs of your audience. Presentation fees vary based on specific presentation goals.

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