Since 1998 I have provided on-site and private supervision to both students and professionals preparing for advanced licensing and credentialing. Whether you’re a dance movement therapist, a licensed professional counselor working toward your LCPC, or you hold an MA in counseling, art therapy, or social work, I will help you prepare to take the next step in your professional journey.

In addition to strengthening clinical skills, I also help supervisee’s sharpen their supervisory and managerial skills, learn to work as a team within the framework of a variety of work settings, and hone note taking and writing skills.

I work to be concrete in my observations and suggestions, and challenge you to ground your work in theory. I guide the experience of a supervisee by helping her/him:

  •  Work to understand where interventions are coming from
  •  Meet a variety of goals that are specific to each client
  •  Brainstorm and use outside the box thinking
  •  Tap into body awareness and skills as a movement observer
  •  Hone in on nonverbal skills
  •  Utilize their own creative energy to elicit creativity with clients
  •  Ask questions that build confidence in clinical skills and knowledge base
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