Movement Coaching

How you sit, stand, move, and position yourself says a lot about the way your entire body functions, and speaks volumes about your personality. Have you ever met someone whose posture or body language provided hints about their personality and strongly influenced your perception of them – either positively OR negatively?

Body language is very powerful, and our “movement patterns” introduce us before we utter even a single word. Sometimes our body language inaccurately portrays our personality, sending the wrong message and creating incongruence between our true self and our public persona. My advanced training in Laban Movement Analysis allows me to observe movement patterns, spot this “disconnect”, and even identify body misalignment or weakened and stressed areas of the body.

  •  If you are an actor, lawyer, public speaker, salesperson, manager, or preparing to deliver an academic dissertation or defense, you rely on movement to express yourself. Strengthen your movement patterns and you’ll strengthen your message. Remember, at least 80% of your communication is non-verbal!
  •  If you’re a dancer or serious athlete, improving your movement skill can improve your performance.
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